Establish the context regarding the ongoing work being reported

Establish the context regarding the ongoing work being reported


1. Function : The purpose of the Introduction is always to:

  • This will be achieved by speaking about the appropriate research that is primary (with citations) and summarizing our present knowledge of the issue you will be investigating;
  • State the goal of the ongoing work with the type of the theory, concern, or issue you investigated; and,
  • Quickly explain your rationale and approach and, whenever you can, the possible outcomes your research can expose.

Quite literally, the Introduction must respond to the concerns, ” just just just What had been we studying ? Why had been it a question that is important? just What did we all know I did this study about it before? Exactly just How will this scholarly research advance our knowledge? “

2. Style : Use the active voice because much as you can. Some usage of first individual is fine, but don’t overdo it.

3. Construction : The framework of this Introduction may be regarded as an inverted triangle – the broadest component at the most notable representing many basic information and focusing down seriously to the precise problem you learned. Organize the info to provide the greater basic facets of this issue at the beginning of the Introduction, then slim toward the greater specific information that is topical provides context, finally coming to your declaration of function and rationale. a way that is good can get on track is always to sketch out of the Introduction backwards ; focus on the particular function then determine what could be the clinical context by which you’re asking the question(s) your research addresses. After the context that is scientific determined, you then’ll have a very good feeling of just just what degree and form of basic information with which the Introduction should begin. Continue reading “Establish the context regarding the ongoing work being reported”