Faith and polygamy: which religions allow plural marriage?

Faith and polygamy: which religions allow plural marriage?

In Australia, wedding is changing. Cohabitation and young ones before wedding have become the norm, and quickly – ideally – Australians will undoubtedly be permitted to marry someone regarding the sex that is same.

But something that stays resolutely unchanged is the true number of individuals whom make a married relationship. In Australia, a appropriate and consensus that is social sets that number at two.

While polygamy – the wedding greater than one partner at the exact same time – is among the last staying taboos of Western culture, its fairly typical globally. Polygamy is appropriate in 58 away from 200 countries across the global globe, including across most of Africa as well as in numerous Middle Eastern states.

The disparity that is frequent wedding legal rights directed at both women and men in nations that allow polygamy is amongst the reasons the us Human Rights Committee suggested in a 2000 report that polygamy be outlawed.

It’s important to keep in mind that whenever we speak about polygamy, often just just what we’re actually speaing frankly about is polygyny – where a person takes one or more spouse. Continue reading “Faith and polygamy: which religions allow plural marriage?”