Thank you for visiting Loughborough Senior High School

Thank you for visiting Loughborough Senior High School

We genuinely believe that our function is to equip girls when it comes to full life they will certainly lead beyond school also to develop inside them the self- confidence and abilities required to be respected people of culture. We would like them in order to recognise and seize the possibilities life offer them and also to have the flexibleness to conform to the quick modifications of life when you look at the century that is 21st.

We additionally recognise that a broad training, encompassing a comprehensive array of extra-curricular tasks, is really important in developing young adults who’re intellectually satisfied, healthier and delighted. Class life can be as much about camaraderie as coding; just as much about morality as mathematics. Regardless of the passions of our girls we make an effort to nurture and develop them, whilst supplying opportunities for brand new experiences and challenges, all within an agreeable, supportive community hot latin brides.

I really hope to fulfill your family quickly.

Why Loughborough Twelfth Grade?

Started in 1850 as one of the country’s oldest grammar schools for females, we have been happy with our rich history and maintain some wonderful traditions which enrich life inside our girls only day school.

However if that conjures an image of a typically competitive and extremely studious school that is selective absolutely absolutely nothing might be further through the truth. Continue reading “Thank you for visiting Loughborough Senior High School”