Paris Rejects ‘Vegas-style’ Casino For ‘London-style’ Gambling Clubs

Paris Rejects ‘Vegas-style’ Casino For ‘London-style’ Gambling Clubs

Paris will need to be reclassified being a tourist resort if casinos are to replace the notoriously corrupt cercles de jeux.

The government that is french had it with the original cercles de jeux but Vegas is perhaps not the Parisian mayor’s ‘cup of tea,’ evidently.

That means Paris is likely to reject the theory of the large Vegas-style casino in benefit of little and select London-style gambling groups, like Crockfords or the Ritz Club.

The us government is looking to flake out a 1907 law that banned casinos from operating within 100 kilometers (62 miles) of Paris, and is reported to be interested in the idea of a large-scale casino and the funds it might bring.

A report presented week that is last Ile de France prefect Jean-Pierre Duport concluded that a Vegas-style venue could garner around €46million ($52 million) in fees per 12 months.

The deciding vote, but, lies with Socialist city mayor Anne Hildag, who reported this week that such establishments were not her proverbial steaming hot drink, an idiom, by the way, that apparently translates word after word and has the same figurative meaning.

Which all means it is likely Paris will check out the traditional London model, of heavily managed and very exclusive membership clubs, to be able to change the troubled cercles de jeux. The clubs that are new which would offer table games but no slot machines, could be up and running as early as next year. Continue reading “Paris Rejects ‘Vegas-style’ Casino For ‘London-style’ Gambling Clubs”