All you need to understand within one spot

All you need to understand within one spot

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The fundamentals of Arrange B

Arrange B is just an emergency that is progestin-only product that helps in avoiding pregnancy when taken within 72 hours of unsafe sex. It contains levonorgestrel 1.5 mg, the exact same ingredient that is active regular birth prevention pills—just at just one, higher dosage, and functions by delaying ovulation.

Plan B is just a method that is backup of maternity and may never be utilized as regular birth prevention. Utilize as instructed.

How effective is Arrange B?

That you will get pregnant if you take Plan B as directed, it can significantly decrease the chance. About 7 out of each and every 8 women that might have gotten expecting will likely not get pregnant after using Arrange B.

How exactly does Arrange B work?

Plan B helps prevent pregnancy by delaying ovulation. That is, it really works by stopping the production of a egg through the ovary.

Will Arrange B influence my fertility?

Arrange B will likely not influence your personal future or long-term fertility.

What the results are if I’m currently expecting and I also simply just take Arrange B?

Arrange B is certainly not an abortion tablet and it’ll maybe perhaps not affect a pregnancy that is existing. When you yourself have any questions, make sure to be certain to communicate with your doctor.

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