In Bulgaria, a tradition that nevertheless embraces investing

In Bulgaria, a tradition that nevertheless embraces investing

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The Thracian tinkerers clan of Bulgaria, among the communities with best traditions that are preserved collects within the town of Mogila near Stara Zagora regarding the feast of St. Todor, or Horse Easter. Certainly one of three gatherings that are nationwide 12 months of which community con

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The Trakiiski Kalaidzhii – or the Tinsmiths of Thrace – are one of Europe’s many cultures that are enduring. They continue to have a lifestyle that is semi-nomadic repairing cauldrons and pans while they travel along their old-fashioned routes. In Bulgaria, they have been many likely most well-known for his or her alleged bride market.

Kalaidzhis don’t marry away from team. And children aren’t permitted to date without adults around. Which means this event when it comes to feast of St. Todor is just one of the chances that are few need certainly to fulfill possible mates, and dancing the horo, or band dance.

The scene into the available industry outside city is a strange combination of contemporary and old fashioned. The Kalaidzhii females wear their locks in braids, long velvet skirts and vibrant colored headscarves and plenty of gold jewelry. Their daughters dress the same as modern Bulgarian ladies, in tight, fancy clothing and makeup that is heavy. Continue reading “In Bulgaria, a tradition that nevertheless embraces investing”